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Co-creating digital strategy with you

Looking to enhance the success of your business? Get in touch with our experienced digital consultants for more on how digitised business operations can increase your productivity and ensure your overall business success in the emerging digital eco-systems. With strategic use of the latest in digital advancements and technologies, our Melbourne consultants can help your business grow, respond, innovate and achieve excellence.

What we do

As a trusted strategic digital partner, we work with you in co-creating digital strategy and successfully executing the strategic plan to help move your business with confidence on the digitised operations journey through:

  • Understanding your business vision & goals
  • Analysing existing overall business capabilities and identifying and filling digital capabilities gaps
  • Creating a holistic target business model & supporting architecture covering operations, market interaction and new/evolved Products & Services

As digital transformation experts, we help you gain a clear understanding of future business capabilities that can be digitised, refined, reused on an ongoing basis. The digitised business in turn enables continuous business redesign to support organisation’s strategic vision and respond to tactical market needs rapidly.

How we engage and co-create your digital strategy

Understand the WHY first

Determine WHAT is needed

Determine OPTIONS and Gap Analysis

Co-create Strategic Business Solution plan

Monitor Business Solution delivery & Follow-UP

Iteratively co-creating strategy for delivering value through capability chunks.

Understand the WHY first

First, we understand your current business operations & vision for the next 1-3 years in context of current issues and challenges. We will assess current ICT maturity for your business operations and explore at a macro level the feasibility of leveraging available digital technologies.

Determine WHAT is needed

When you are ready to engage, we will set the scope of engagement in terms of business transformation priority, critical success factors (CSF) for the change in context of any timelines or constraints. We create a proposal and agree on the scope of engagement.

Determine OPTIONS and Gap Analysis

We review and assess the current business model (if needed create a strawman current business model). We then clarify strategic intentions and co-create target business model with you and identify business outcomes. We then create gap & impact analysis between AS-IS and TO-BE business model incorporating the business issues and challenges.

Co-create Strategic Business Solution Plan

We co-create target Digital capability map for your organisation and the personas for your customers, suppliers and partners. In parallel, we co-create outcomes driven target business design & value chains using new digitised capabilities. Following this we create holistic architecture design for the overall business change and work with you for the program/ project execution plan and vendor selection.

Monitor Business Solution delivery & Follow-UP

We will track & monitor program delivery with vendors and ensure strategic alignment to business outcomes. We will also jointly monitor and measure the critical success factors and identify opportunities for continuous improvement in subsequent phases.

Digital strategy delivery partners

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